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August 03 2010

re: (outside-of-)location touring: i have pictures, but won't post the guest pass to my seekret flickr set on here, so: get in touch..

(and yeah, if you're a hardcore urbex, you've probably seen this place already; thrice, probably.)

(ps/unrelated @kitchen: is there sth. wrong with this group [everything's black on black so it's hard to discern] or are people just not supposed to have the B/I/[url]/HTML choice on the left work when posting to a group? i c&p'd my html in here and all the tags showed up as plain text; could only change it after i posted [thankfully i could at all!] -> then the "formatting" box on the left was suddenly available to me..)
just in case you missed it:

i've posted about this before, but meanwhile everything's been thought through a lot better and (outside-of-)location touring has also been done (yay!) (.. and i'd post this to @urbex too, but the group's moderated and i only just applied for access, so: meh):

are you interested in exploring a very desolate & decayed but really cool (& actually pretty easily accessible) place in VIE (.. as a trespasser)? are you also interested in documenting this exploration in some way or form? do you have time sometime/anytime* this (work)week in the early afternoon?

if so, get in touch with me via my soup (or metalab-wiki user page).. and do so faaaaaaast!

*the exact date isn't finalized yet and depends on if my main PIC (partner in crime) and I manage to match our schedules, yo
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July 10 2009

December 24 2008

July 27 2008

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U2-Trasse ab Stadion, anyone?

June 29 2008

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June 08 2008

12., Rucker-/Bony-/Singriener-/Tivoligasse [map]
Foto von Julian Turner
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